Welcome to Enso Apartments! This site is run by residents and past residents who will give you a much more accurate understanding of what it is like to live in this community. Sure, it looks beautiful and we’re sure you’d love to fork over a ton of money.

I have been living here for over a year, and for the past 2+ months, the lovely ghetto-fied girl that lives above me has been abusing me and harassing me by slamming drawers and stomping ferociously around her apartment. It goes on for hours at a time, and nothing has been done by the office to rectify the situation.

Read more reviews and updates to find out if this is the place that you want to live in. Otherwise, our best solution is for you to find another place to live.


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  1. Johnnolynn

    I am dealing with the same situation non stop all day all night screaming stomping and music blaring. It has truly been a nightmare. Trash everywhere – rude ghetto trash. I stay in hotels most weekends to escape my “luxury living” at enso. Whatever you do, do NOT move here. I cannot wait to move out. The management is a joke. The non stop parties, screaming and music blasting – there is no peace here.

  2. Alisha

    Hello. Thank you for your informative blog. I viewed the Enso property today, and I fell in love. However, since meeting my new love and potential home, I’ve read some interestingly awful reviews about Enso and the activities that have taken place near Glenwood and Grant Park. I also noticed that your posts about the noisy neighbor(s) and “herbal” essence in the air have ceased since May. How has living at Enso been recently? Or has your living situation changed? I would truly like to know before making a major move and spending money. I am supposed to move in by the end of the month. As a hardworking professional, I would appreciate your honesty.

    1. rebeccamorrow Post author

      I fell in love with the property, too, when I first moved here. Yes, it has some great amenities, the apartments look nice, but I can tell you that if you want to keep your sanity, Enso is not the place for you.

      The residents are disrespectful, people have been leaving in droves, and be ready to pay 5% or more to renew your lease. If you contend them, then they will find any other way that they can to slap you with fees in just about any department they can find. Case in point – they tried to say that my cats urinated all over the apartment. I had to laugh because the stains that they showed me were under my couch, area rug, entertainment unit, armoire, boxes…. you name it. Apparently, the company that originally managed the property didn’t notice that the people that lived in that apartment before me had a dog that chewed on the blinds and eliminated everywhere.

      As for the walls and floors – you will be able to hear EVERYTHING. The girl that lived above me was a heel stomper, slammed her drawers, slammed the toilet lid, and decided that since she wasn’t disruptive enough to me, that she had to be SO loud with her harassment that the girl below me could hear it.

      As for safety, I wouldn’t feel safe there if my life depended on it. From break-ins to carjackings at gun point, it’s best that you move along and find somewhere else to live. Two of my very good friends live in Glenwood Park and were robbed at gun point, too. My best suggestion is to NOT live on a TriBridge property. If you need to find a place to live in, I’d suggest looking at privately owned houses/condos/townhomes.

      I left as soon as I could from Enso, and have had friends drop their leases because it has gotten so bad. Think mommy-and-daddy-are-paying-for-my-beamer-apartment-and-education-at-GSU-or-GA-Tech-and-I-act-like-a-spoiled-brat bad. That’s just a part of it. Then there is what I call “New Ghetto” money. The types of people that have money, love to flaunt it, but have absolutely NO clue how to be responsible. Then, there are the little arseholes walking around holding their pants up with the left hand, swaggering about with their brightly colored hats on while jeering at those around them and hot boxing their apartments to their hearts’ content.

      So, no… I think it’s a horrible place. The apartments are WAY too small, the trash areas are a constant mess (no one can bother to actually dump the trash down the chutes), there’s dog crap everywhere, yapping dogs all through the day and night, and thugs preying on the well-to-do residents that live there.

      So, all-n-all, don’t bother. Move along and find somewhere else. Enso Apartments are horrible, TriBridge is awful, and you’ll never see Ben down there who is the manager. He can’t be bothered, and Mark the owner of Enso isn’t helpful, either. Worst management and ownership I have EVER seen.

      1. LeiLani

        I know it’s been a couple years, but I would LOVE to know your apartment number when you lived here. I feel like your upstairs bigfoot might be MY upstairs bigfoot now. I moved here in late August 2014. We had the “pleasure” of meeting the girl above us face to face the night before my boyfriend’s first marathon. It involved the courtesy officer and being screamed at in the middle of the hallway and ended with her threatening me and trying to force her way into my apartment. All because we asked her politely to keep it down so my boyfriend could get plenty of sleep for his race. Mind you, this happened well after the quiet hours were in effect. -_-

      2. rebeccamorrow Post author

        I was in unit 3262 just upstairs from The Shed on the 2nd floor directly in the middle and over the water feature. I had the large babalcony so I could fit my patio furniture on it. It was nice, for a while.

        My suggestion to you is to find a house that you can rent. No more raised rent, easier to handle, and generally less BS. Oh, and you’ll probably live around adults.

        Good luck. I’m So sorry you’re having to deal with this. Sadly, the management won’t do anything, either.

      3. LeiLani

        Yeah, we’re in the 3250s on the other side of the hall. Counting down until we’re out of our lease in August and can buy our first house. The biggest disappointment (beyond the fellow thug wannabe residents) is the lure of the dog features only to have them all eliminated! They still boast of a dog washing station and a dog park on their website. We moved in partly because of these pet-friendly amenities. As soon as we were in our apartment we asked management where the dog wash was located since we couldn’t seem to find it on our own. NO ONE in the office ever remembered it even existing, even though it was mentioned during my tour of the property before signing a lease. What’s worse, the big area to the right of the apartments where residents used to be able to take their dogs out was never even owned by ENSO, yet promoted as their property to potential new residents. The new Kroger shopping center construction took back the property and is currently paving it over for a road. So now my poor Labradors are restricted to the narrow pathway full of bushes behind the building to relieve themselves. This place is the epitome of bait and switch and it really is sad that it isn’t representative of the overall wonderful community that is Glenwood Park.

  3. nwebb90@gmail.com

    Wooooooowwwwwwww!!!!!!!! I was considering living there and ALL of the reviews have turned me off. I wanted a professional living environment and my man love suggested Enso. What a hot mess. Hell no. I don’t have to contend with disrespect now and I won’t in the future. Feces, no class, entitled, fly infested, carjacking, robberies?? WHO in their right mind would move there??

    1. rebeccamorrow Post author

      I think that the office and leasing agents do a really good job on selling people on the amenities – salt water pool, recycling, no paperwork, nice landscaping, but they forget to mention that people can’t put the garbage down the chute and that people think that the parking garage is Laguna Seca. I have had more than my share of near misses, a-holes parking in handicap parking spots and other places where they feel they are entitled to park because their car is so special. The list of everyday annoyances will drive you absolutely batty after a while.

      You’d be much better off finding a condo, townhouse, or house for rent than to deal with Enso. As a matter of fact, I think there is a house for rent on Fraser St SE on the corner of Fulton.

  4. Leigh

    thank you for your reviews. I used to live near Glenwood Park, and have been wanting to move back, but the place I rented was from an individual owner at the time several years ago. I’ve been considering Enso because of the location and amenities, but I have read such awful reviews. I’ve read reviews all over the internet on apartmentratings.com, seen youtube videos, and eventually found your blog trying to really see what it’s actually like to live at Enso and if I would actually like this place.
    Noise isn’t the biggest issue for me, but I can imagine it would be if I was in your situation. However, after reading all the reviews, it really does sound like Enso is a very nice new pricey apartment with great amenities and very nice (small) apartments, but is basically a giant college dorm for the urban twenty-somethings of Atlanta. Sounds like everyone mistreats everything, and abuses what could be a great place to live.
    It sounds like if you were on a top unit, things might be a little better, but it still sounds like there are several small annoyances that add up with garbage, parking, safety, noisy parties, smoking, theft, and little to no backup from the managing apartment owners.
    I’m guessing those nice amenities don’t get as much value if they are destroyed or constantly crowded with college partiers.
    I’m just not sure I want to shell out my hard earned money to live in a place that has such negative feedback. I mean, this guy alone has had to make a BLOG about his negative experience because he has gotten nothing done about his situation. That seems pretty extreme. I think I better keep looking. I had a great experience renting from an owner-owned property in East Atlanta/Glenwood Park, and I think it sounds better to keep looking for that option or potentially some other area. Enso sounds like a pretty apartment and is certainly wrapped in a nice package, but all the other little things matter and add up, especially when you are paying such high rent! Thanks for your informative blog!

    1. rebeccamorrow Post author

      I’m in an owner-owned property over by Turner field. It’s quiet, pleasant, and very easy to get to anywhere you want to go. After my experience, I think I’m much better off in my current situation rather than having to shell out more money each year in rent and live around a bunch of pretentious new-money ghetto thugs and pretentious college students.

  5. None

    I live at Enso now and there are many, many reports of bed bugs in the building; people are throwing out bedding left and right further spreading the bugs. They are in my apartment as well and I’m going to have to throw out all of my furniture when we move because we will NOT be renewing our lease. Lincoln property management is trying to sweep it under the rug and not treat apartments. It’s sad to see such a nice building deteriorate due to incompetent management. I strongly encourage you to look elsewhere.


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